Unfriending time, kthx.

I'm unfriending people that I never really talk with/comment with/etc. If you're bummed, lemme know and I'll add you back, but I'm pretty sure that most of the unfriending won't be a big deal. Cool? Cool.


Does anybody wanna go on one of the Christmas ships with me? It's $24 a person. I'm not totally set on going, but I thought it might be fun.
The Christmas ships will be at O.O. Denny Park on December 22nd, and Meggy and I will most definitely be down there. I wanna get a group together! So...wanna go?

Ugh, the guilt!!!

I've been feeling really...I don't know...private-ish lately? And instead of making 251 different filters for different subjects, I just did a major unfriending. This time, it's not about how much you comment, or don't comment, or how often you post...it's just down to the bare minimum- most of the people left I know in real life. Those I don't know in real life, I've been online friends with since the dawn of time. So. There you go. I hate unfriendings. I hate feeling guilty. But then again, why should I appologize for wanting to just keep my LJ between people I'm really close with? UGH.

So. It's not because I don't like you. It's not because you aren't funny, or sweet or whatever. It's just because I'm going through a private phase.

TOTAL shot in the dark here...

Does anybody have this CD?

They don't have it on iTunes, it's $35 on Ebay, and the cheapest one on Amazon is $12.99 but it has scratches.
Help! I neeeeeed this CD!


Ok dudes, I need your help. I need to get from any airport in England to Seattle, on a non-stop flight. The cheapest I've found so far for me and the Megs (on my lap) is $2015.34 including all taxes and such. I want to leave in mid-July and come back in mid-August. If you can find a dramatically cheaper flight (like, $100 or more) cheaper flight, I'll send you a box of goodies.


Spooning Friends.

Y'know what I miss? I miss having friends that I can lay in bed with, and spoon, and talk, and fall asleep with, then wake up and talk and spoon s'more. A few of you are spoony friends. But you're all far away. Or rather, I'm far away. This all stems from watching Grey's Anatomy and seeing Cristina and Meredith laying in bed talking.

Even with my parents and grandparents giving me money to go home this summer, I just don't think it's going to happen. I was ready to buy a ticket tonight...thinking that I need to do it soon. It's $2032.24! FUCK, DUDE! *Sigh*

Megan had her one year well-baby check up today. She weighs exactly 20lbs. and is doing fabulously. She had to get 4 shots. I kept going back and forth on the freakin' chickenpox one. She ended up having it. I hate double guessing myself. Anyway...while the chick was preparing the shots, I asked if any of them contained Thimerosal, since I noticed that one of the vaccinations was the '98 version. She said, "Uhhh, well, if I knew what Thimerosal was, maybe I could tell you!" *Mouth drops open* Um, holy crap, you're the chick GIVING SHOTS. How does somebody who deals with poking people all day NOT KNOW THAT?!? Whatever. She called in an actual doctor who looked at all the inserts and said that no, none of them had it. Anyway, my poor Megs...four shots, then I noticed that her first 2 molars are poking through. NOT a fun day.

Curt has dorm duty tonight...basically he sits around from 8:30pm to 3:00am making sure that the dorm kids are behaving. FUN! *Rolls eyes* Anyway, tomorrow we hang out and do whatever...then Sunday is Curt's Super Special Day of AWESOMENESS (which I'll write about after the fact). Oh, and tomorrow night is girls night out. It should be fun.


I cleaned up my friend's list. If you got deleted, it's because you never comment. EVER. KTHX.

MSN Messenger

Hey, if you guys use MSN messenger, check this out...you can get money donated to various charities by adding stuff to your MSN name. :)


Awww, Curty is so cute!

He just posted this on MySpace. He's such a good writer- so cute!

You know, there's a saying among the Americans over here regarding their dealings with the Brits: We're two cultures separated by a common language.

First of all, there are so many different forms of the British dialect that it's damn near impossible to understand them all. And telephone conversations are right out.

Second, let me give you a quick primer on American to British English, to include a lot of slang terms they like to use over here (some of which you've probably heard of):

Fries are chips, and chips are crisps. Panties are pants, and pants are trousers. Car trunks are boots, and boots are wellies. Cigarettes are fags, and (male homosexuals) are poofs. A masturbater is a wanker, and a wanker is a plonker. Vaginas are fannies, and fannies are bums (which makes the term "fanny pack" redundant).

You don't get your food to go, you ask for "takeaway". The Brits love their "bangers and mash" (sausage and mashed potatoes) for breakfast. You don't stand in line, you wait in a "queue". Ten bucks is "five quid" (after the exchange rate). Oh, and they have no idea what toilet paper is...they use "bog rolls".

Hell, just driving down the road is confusing. Gas is petrol, trucks are lorries, traffic circles are roundabouts, and rest areas are lay-bys. They don't have stop signs, only yield signs, except they're not yield signs, they're "Give Way" signs. And of course, there's that whole driving on the left thing...

I love it here, but nobody said anything about learning Enlish all over again. All I can say is if you ever visit the UK, you better be sure you're ken to the language, or some bloke'll think you're a nutter wot's gone tits-up!

Feb. 13th, 2007

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